Better Energy for Tomorrow

With over 20 years of combined generation, renewable and energy storage experience SunGrid brings a specialized group of experts that will Engineer to enable success and cost savings in delivery of projects through either development/EPC or Power Purchase Agreements.

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Better Energy for Tomorrow

SunGrid brings a creative project based model that is based on over 20 years of combined renewable and industrial experience. By investing in projects and taking an EPC role SunGrid can effectively match the needs of any electricity project!


Solution Oriented Enablers

Our team is on your side, with a professional team composed of engineering, investment and construction experts SunGrid is there to enable and ensure a cost effective solution.


Bankability at every Turn

With partners that bring cost and performance as key drivers in lowering the “cost of electricity” SunGrid is ever focused on delivering and investing projects that have the everlasting goal of “lower cost of electricity”

The ENERGY Revolution has arrived...

SunGrid is based in Hespeler, Ontario and leverages the surrounding knowledgebase of the Silicon Valley of the North to ensure educated well rounded decisions that take the best approach to commercial and utility scale integration.

We provide enabling services through development, engineering, construction and financing, SunGrid is an umbrella that can carry you through all stages from Gate to Plate.


Join the ENERGY revolution and make your business sustainable!

SunGrid is proud to announce that Vivien Zeng has joined the team as Electrical Engineer-in-training (EIT).  Vivien graduated in 2016 with a Masters  in Engineering, Electrical and Computing Engineering, Robotics and Control from Western University. Vivien has been working with…

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Large businesses in Ontario have experienced a drastic increase in electricity costs in the past decade. In Toronto and Ottawa, for example, electricity costs grew 53% and 46% from 2010 to 2016, compared to an average increase of 14% in…

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On January 28, 2019, the Cleantech Group released the Global Cleantech 100 list, which recognizes the companies that embody the most innovative and promising ideas in the fields of: Agriculture & Food Energy & Power Industrial & Manufacturing Materials &…

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